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- Prohibition


Do not eat meat from a non-kosher domestic or untamed animal



 “These you shall not eat” Vayikra 11:4


All that does not chew its cud and does not have split hooves is non-kosher.


Anyone eating an olive size amount from a non-kosher animal whether domestic or untamed deserves lashes.


Human flesh is prohibited, derived from a positive commandment since it does not fall within the scope of “these are the things you may eat “Vayikra 11:2


Whatever comes out of the forbidden species like the milk of non-kosher domestic or wild animals, is forbidden to be eaten by Torah law.


Honey from bees or wasps is permissible since it is not produced from their bodies.


Human milk is permissible but forbidden for a grown person to suckle the breast.


Milk in a heathen’s possession where no Jew saw him doing the milking is forbidden as he may have mixed in milk from a non-kosher animal.


The cheese of heathens is permitted according to Torah law because we are not concerned that it comes from a non-kosher animal as the milk of non-kosher animals cannot turn into cheese.

However, the Sages forbade the cheese of non-Jews for numerous reasons.

This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not eat meat from a non-kosher domestic or untamed animal
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