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- Prohibition


 Do not eat any t’reifa


 “Do not eat any torn flesh in the field” Shmoth 22:30


The term t’reifa as described in the Torah means

  • an animal which a wild beast of the forest has attacked.

  • a fowl that was clawed by a bird of prey such as a falcon or similar type


In a way that the animal or fowl cannot survive due to the attack


Even if a person acts in advance and ritually slaughters it in the kosher manner,

 it is forbidden as t’reifa. This is called d’rusah/ clawed


There are 7 kinds of t’reifah animals that are forbidden according to the Oral laws given to Moses at Sinai.


These are a creature with

  • a perforated vital organ

  • an internal organ removed

  • that fell from a height

  • an internal organ originally missing

  • severance of the spinal column

  • torn flesh covering the stomach

  • most of its ribs broken


Whenever an animal or fowl develops a wound that it cannot survive for another 12 months due to the wound, whether it was wounded by a wild beast or by man or natural causes or it fell from a roof – it is forbidden


Flesh from a living creature is also called t’reifah and for eating an olive size amount the punishment is lashes according to Torah law.


If an embryo put out a foreleg from the womb of an animal that limb is forbidden according to the category of “flesh that has gone out of its bounds”


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

 Do not eat any t’reifa
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