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- Prohibition


Do not eat n’veilah


 “Do not eat anything that dies of itself” Devarim Re eh 14:21


The term n’veilah means any domestic or wild animal or fowl that died itself or was not given a proper ritual slaughter.

For eating an olive size amount, he is liable for lashes.

Eating an olive size of the flesh of a still born kosher animal violates this prohibition of n’veilah.

It is therefore forbidden to eat the new-born of an animal until the start of the night of the 8th day after birth, when there is no longer a doubt of it being able to survive.

If it’s known that the months of gestation have been completed, it is then permissible immediately at birth.


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not eat n’veilah
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