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- Prohibition


Do not wrong with measures and weights


 “Do no unrighteousness in judgements in measures of length, weights and volume “Vayikra 19:35


The Sages said length is for measuring ground, weights and measures should not be less than the standard size or weight according to the people of the country.

Similarly, not to mislead one’s fellow man in the measurement of land or with m’surah, -

the Torah was particular even with a small quantity like a m’surah- this is 1/36 the volume of liquid that fills the space occupied by six eggs.

Whoever disobeys this violates a positive commandment and this prohibition.


Even if he gives a non-Jew a short weight or measure, he violates this and must return it.

It is forbidden to mislead a non-Jew with prices as it says “For an abomination to the Lord your God are those that do these unrighteous things” (Devarim 25: 16)


The court is obligated to appoint officials to check the shops to ensure correct scales, weights and measures and establish market prices.

If someone’s measures or weights or scales are not accurate they are to confiscate them and impose a fine.

If someone charges above going prices they compel him to sell at market prices.

The punishment regarding weights and measures is more severe than the punishment for immorality. He is as one who denies the Exodus from Egypt


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not wrong with measures and weights
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