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- Prohibition


Do not appoint an unsuitable judge


 “You shall not respect persons in judgement” Devarim 1:17


It was explained in Midrash Sifre that this is addressed to the man assigned to appoint judges, that he should not respect persons and say-

He is strong or handsome or wise in some other field of knowledge or other areas of excellence that are unrelated to Torah and reverence of Heaven.


A judge needs to be wise in Torah, reverent towards Heaven, has a hatred of bribery, subdue his evil impulse and has a strong fearless heart to rescue the exploited or victimised person from the oppressor.

These are the noble qualities the judge is required to have.

If someone appoints judges due to other qualities he violates this prohibition.


This applies in all places and times.

Do not appoint an unsuitable judge
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