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- Prohibition


Do not inflict suffering on any widow or orphan

 “Do not afflict any widow or orphan “Shmos 22:21

Even if they are wealthy, the widow of a king or his orphaned children one is to treat them with respect.

One is not to cause them distress or anguish with harsh words.

He is to be more protective of their property than his own.

If anyone makes them angry or causes anguish to their heart and more certainly if he strikes them or curses them- violates this prohibition and his punishment is stated in the Torah “My wroth will burn and I will kill you by the sword and your wives shall be widows and your children orphans” Shmos 22:21

An orphan is a child without a farther or without a mother until he grows up and is capable of attending to all his needs himself like other adults.

It is permissible to chastise them in the learning of Torah or a craft, to guide them on a straight and decent path.

Nevertheless, one should be considerate with them and raise them patiently with kindness and compassion.

This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not inflict suffering on any widow or orphan
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