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- Prohibition


Do not live in the land of Egypt


 ‘You shall return no more that way again” Devarim 17:16


It is permitted for business and trade. The prohibition is only on settling there.


It is forbidden to leave the Land of Israel for another land, except

  1. To study Torah

  2. Take a wife

  3. To rescue from a heathen

  4. And also for commerce


It is forbidden to leave to live outside of Israel unless there is a severe famine.


Whoever dwells in the land of Israel his sins are forgiven

Even walking 4 Amos (2 metres) merits life in the world to come.

Being buried there atones for all his sins.


Let a man always live in Israel even in a city of heathens and not live in another land, even in a city with a majority of Jews.

Whoever leaves for another country is as if he worships idols.

As it is forbidden to go out of Israel to another country so is it forbidden to leave a centre of Torah learning for other places.

This is in effect at all times for men and women. 

Do not live in the land of Egypt
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