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- Prohibition


Do not razor shave the edge of the beard.

 “Do not mar the edges of your beard” Vayikra 19:27

The beard has 5 edges and there is a penalty of lashes for each one. If all were removed simultaneously there would be a violation of 5 prohibitions.

A person is not punishable unless he shaves them with a razor, for that is shaving that comprises marring, as it says “do not mar”

If a person shaved his beard with scissors he is free from penalty.

Specifically, the one who does the shaving is punishable but the one who is shaved receives no lashes unless he helps the one doing the shaving.

A woman is permitted to remove her beard if she has hair in the area of the beard.

If she shaved the beard of a man she is free from penalty but she is nevertheless forbidden to do so.

In Sefer ha Chinnuch it is written that razor shaving ones beard a person violates 2 prohibitions in addition to the 5 mentioned above.

“in their fixed ways do not walk” (-21) and “do not put on a women’s garment” (-179)

This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not razor shave the edge of the beard.
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