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- Prohibition


Do not make an image of a human being even as ornamentation


 “Do not make with Me “Shmoth 20:20


A protruding image is specifically forbidden, if a person made one he should be given lashes. 

If it was sunken or is a painted portrait it is permissible.


A ring with a stamp of a protruding image of a person is forbidden to wear but permitted to use as a seal. If the image is sunken it is permissible to wear but forbidden to use as a seal as the pressing makes a protruding image.


It is forbidden to draw the sun or moon and similar objects since it says “do not make with Me” the likeness of my attendants that serve Me in the heavenly realm and is forbidden even on a flat surface where they do not protrude.


It is permitted to fashion/shape other living creatures and the trees and plants even when protruding.


It is forbidden to make-

  • a house according to the plan of the Temple building

  • a terrace corresponding to the entrance of the holy chambers

  • a courtyard corresponding to the Temple forecourt

  • table in the form of the table in the Temple

  • metal lamp with 7 branches in the form of the menorah/ candelabrum of the Temple

It is permitted if fewer or more than 7 branches, or if not made of metal even with 7 branches.


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not make an image of a human being even as ornamentation
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