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- Prohibition


Do not bow down to an idol


 “Do not bow down to them” Shmoth 20:5


Even though this is not the usual way of serving it, since this is a form of worship of God if done for idol worship the punishment is death by stoning.


If done deliberately without a warning he would deserve spiritual severance, if done unintentionally he is liable to bring a sin offering.


Similarly, if someone ritually slaughters an offering, sprinkles its blood, burns its parts or pours a drink offering.

Since these were forms of Divine service to God in the Temple he is punishable if he performed them towards an idol even if this is not the normal way of worshipping it.


One should be prepared to accept death rather than transgress.


If one’s coins become scattered or a thorn lodged in his foot before an idol, he should not bow down to the idol to gather them up or take it out because it will seem that he is bowing down before the idol.

He should rather turn his back or turn aside.


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

Do not bow down to an idol
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