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- Prohibition


Do not eat new produce prior to the Omer [barley offering] that is:

-101.-  baked

-102.-  kali (roasted grain) 

-103.-  karmel (hand crushed grain)


 “Baked, kali (roast grain) and karmel (fresh grain) you shall not eat until this very day” Veyikra 23:14

This applies only to these five species that are forbidden: Wheat, Barley, Spelt, Oats and Rye 

Eating an olive size of each one - baked, kali or karmel is a violation of 3 prohibitions.


In the time when the Temple existed it was forbidden on the 16th of Nissan until after the Omer offering.

When there is no Temple is in existence, it is forbidden the whole day of the 16th of Nissan according to the Torah.

Outside of Israel where 2 days of Yom Tov are observed it is also forbidden according to the Scribes the entire day of the 17th.

Grain that was planted before the Omer and even if it ripened after the Omer, the Omer makes it permissible.


This prohibition regarding new grain applies in all places at all times for men and women.


There are early authorities who say that this law of new grains applies outside of Israel only according to the Rabbis, as a protective measure, applicable only to areas bordering the land of Israel.

Therefore, the majority of the world is not careful with this.

Even though it is not possible to oppose these leniencies in every place, all scrupulous people should be stringent with themselves and do whatever is possible, as according to many great early authorities this is prohibited by the Torah in all respects.

Do not eat new produce prior to the Omer [barley offering] that is:  -101.-  baked
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