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Do not eat the Gid haNasheh; the sciatic nerve/sinew


“Therefore the children of Israel do not eat the sinew of the thigh vein” Bereishis 32:33


This applies to the right thigh and the left thigh of kosher domestic and untamed animals and applies to an embryo.


There are 2 sinews


The inner one near the hip socket is forbidden by the Torah.


The remainder of the inner sinew that is not around the socket,

the entire upper sinew with the fat on them,

the thigh-vein along with other sinews and

membranes are forbidden according to the Sages.


Eating the sinew of the thigh vein from an animal not ritually slaughtered or that was mortally wounded violates 2 prohibitions.


We have an Oral Tradition that it is permissible to derive other benefit from the sinew.


This applies in all places at all time for men and women.


The Zohar explains Talmud Makkos 23b one of the 365 prohibitions corresponds to a day in the solar year. This prohibition corresponds with Tisha B Av. 

Do not eat the Gid haNasheh; the sciatic nerve/sinew
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