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Today's Mitzvah

+ positive mitzvah no. 5

Sanctify God Publically

“I will be sanctified amongst the Jewish nation” Vayikra 22:32

This requires us to be willing to sacrifice our lives and all our resources to publicise our faithfulness to God.

If others incite someone to turn away from this faithfulness, he should not listen to them and be prepared to sacrifice his life for this.

Nor to deceive the enticer into thinking he denies, even though in his heart he is faithful to God.

No ground should be given to think that he is a heretic and denies God.

If forced publically (this being before 10 Jewish men) even when it is not during a time of religious persecution, to change faith or regarding the other transgressions he should choose martyrdom instead of transgress.

During religious persecution, heaven forbid, even in private he should be killed instead of transgress.

Regarding idol worship, forbidden sexual relationships and bloodshed this applies in private and even not during a time of religious persecution.

If the enticer does this for his own pleasure and not to make him change his faith, he should be prepared to die instead of transgress.

Nothing is greater than openly sanctifying God in public

If one transgressors and does not sanctify God in a situation where he is obligated to sanctify Him, he disobeys this positive commandment and transgressors a negative commandment (-155) not to desecrate the Divine Name, as it says “You shall not profane” Vayikra 22:32

This applies in all places at all time for men and women.  

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