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Today's Mitzvah

+ positive mitzvah no. 3

Love God with all one's heart, soul and money/resources/possessions.

“You shall love God your Lord with all your heart and all your soul and all your resources” Devarim 6:5

The way to love Him is to contemplate His creations to the point where we perceive Him according to our ability, arousing our heart to His love. This love is essential for us.

A person should place all one’s thoughts on the love of God.

A person cannot love God other than through the knowledge that one has of Him and it is through this knowledge that our love will emanate.

If the knowledge is little /slight so will the love be little/slight, and if a lot then a lot.

A person has to understand and perceive through wisdom and intelligence/ understanding the glory of his Creator according to his abilities.

This is amongst the constant commandments that a person is obligated to fulfil at all times.

Included in this Mitzvah is to bring all of mankind to His service and make Him beloved to His creations, like our forefather Abraham.

As it says “these souls that were formed in Horan” Bereishis 12:5 Due to this, God called him “My beloved,” as it says “Avraham my beloved.” Yishaya 41:8

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