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Positive Mitzvah 


Put Tefillin on the head


 “They shall be Tefillin ornaments between your eyes” Devarim 6:8


They are placed upon the area that is soft on an infant’s skull.

The knot is placed at the bottom of the skull upon the top vertebrae.

Straps in front.


Tefillin have 4 written sections:

 “Sanctify to me..” Shemoth 13: 1-10 and

 “When the Lord shall bring you….”,11-16,

 “Hear…”  Devarim 6: 4-9 and

 “If you will hearken….”11:13-21


They contain acceptance of the yoke of heaven, remembrance of the miracles and wonders that God did for our forefathers when they left Egypt and brought us close into His service.


These 4 sections in the;

  • Hand Tefillin are in one compartment and in the

  • Head Tefillin they are in 4 small separate compartments.

Whoever does not affix Tefillin transgressors 8 positive commandments.


Tefillin requires a clean body and be careful not to fluctuate when wearing them.


Recital of the Shma without Tefillin is as if giving false testimony about oneself.


All who habitually wear Tefillin with a clean body has his life lengthened.  As it says “God regarding these things men live” Yishia 38:16


Man is obligated to touch the Tefillin all the time they are upon him and not to remove his mind from them even for one moment as their holiness is very great.


All the time the Tefillin are on his arm and head he must have humility, fear of heaven, not be frivolous, talk unnecessarily nor entertain bad thoughts but should turn his heart to things of truth.


The mitzvah of Tefillin is applicable in all places at all times for men but not women.

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