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Positive Mitzvah 


Make a fence on the roof and remove every stumbling block from one’s house


 “You shall make a fence on your roof and not bring blood upon your house….” Devarim 22:8

Whoever leaves one’s roof without a parapet disobeys this positive commandment.

Similarly regarding all things that are stumbling blocks posing a danger of death.

A well or pit requires the placement of a fence.


The required height is more than 10 handbreadths.

The parapet should be sturdy enough that it would not collapse if one was to lean on it.

It is forbidden to raise a vicious/wild dog within one’s house.


It is written in the book of Cheradim that one should have an intention to perform this Mitzvah every day by inspecting if repairs are needed.

This is considered as if he fulfils this Mitzvah every day.


It applies in all places at all times for men and women.

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