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Positive Mitzvah 


Rebuke a sinner


 “You will surely rebuke your neighbour” Vayikra 19:17


To make known to him that he sins by doing this evil, and to inform  him that he is only reproving him for his own good to bring him to life in the world to come.


The requirement of rebuke is until he listens to you or until he strikes you (– 43) and says” I will not listen to you”


There are early authorities that are lenient in this matter saying it’s enough when he becomes angry.


Even the first opinion applies specifically to Torah prohibitions and where he estimates that he will be convincing to bring him to not do this thing again.


Even a lessor person is required to rebuke an important one and whoever has the ability to rebuke and does not rebuke is held accountable for his sin.

Whoever has the ability to protest against his household, town or even the entire world and does not, is held accountable for their sin; Talmud Shabbos 54b


Even though it’s a commandment to rebuke, do not shame him first. (–79)


The commandment is also to accept rebuke and love the person giving rebuke. 


The Sages of blessed memory said  (Talmud Shabbat 40a)  that  if a person wilfully transgressed  the prohibitions of the Rabbis we are permitted to call him a transgressor. 

This applies in all place at all times for men and women.

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