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Positive Mitzvah 


Load with his friend and to place the burden on the animal or the person


 “you shall surely help him lift it up again” Devarim 22:4


If he left and walked away without helping he transgressors a positive commandment.


An elder where it is not according to his honour is exempt. However if these were his items and he would unload and load he is also obligated to do so for his friend.


If he wishes to go beyond the requirements of the law and unload and load even if not according to his honour, this will bring upon him a blessing.


If there is before him both the commandment to unload and also the commandment to load- unloading takes preference because of the anguish to a living creature.


However, if a person whom he does not like needed to load and the other his friend to unload, the commandment is load the hated ones first in order to conquer one’s evil inclination.


The hated person mentioned here is someone he saw committing a sin and warned him not to but he did not desist and therefore is obligated to hate him.


Nevertheless, he must unload and load with him as perhaps the delay may endanger his possessions.

It is correct to save him since he believes in the main principals of our faith.


Loading is specifically when he is paid for doing it but he is not required to load for free.


The two commandments of unloading (+70) and loading are applicable in all places and all times for men and women.

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