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Positive Mitzvah 


Return a lost article to a Jew


 “You shall surely return to your brother” Devarim 22:1


On who ignores this transgresses a positive commandment and violates a negative commandment. ( -182)

To take the article and then not return it transgresses this Mitzvah and violates two negative commandments. (-35 and -182)


One is required to return the article even to a wicked person.

But someone who eats non-kosher out of spite or violates the Shabbos openly is a heretic and its forbidden to return his article.


If someone finds an article that is beneath his dignity to bother with, if the article were his own and he would not bother with it, then he is  not required to bother with it.

If he wants to go beyond the requirements of the law, he may do so, and may  blessing come upon him. 


Rabanu Yonu wrote: If its required to put in effort to rescue the monetary items of your friend, how much more so must one put in an effort to rescue his friend and save him in the time of his distress. 


This applies in all places and all times for men and women.

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