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Positive Mitzvah 


The owner allows the worker to eat from work and produce that grows from the earth.


 “When you enter your neighbours vineyard you may eat grapes……” Devarim 23:25 and

 “When you enter the grain field and pluck/cut the ear of grain…….” Devarim 23:26

From our Oral Teachings we know this refers to a labourer.


He can eat whether it is plucked or attached and from when the work is still incomplete until by doing this act of work he completes the work process. 

This does not apply before completion nor after completion of the work but only while completing the work.


Because desisting from work causes the owner loss the Sages said (Talmud Bavli, Baba Metzei  91b) workers may eat while walking from row to row and on the way back from the winepress,  so that they would not stop the work and sit down and eat, rather they eat while walking not to waste time from their work.


The guard of produce cannot eat at all as the guard is not like those doing labour.

If he guards reaped produce he cannot eat according to the Torah but may do so if this is the local custom.

This applies at all places at all times for men and women

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