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Positive Mitzvah 


Cancel a loan in the year of the Shmittah /7th year

 “every creditor shall release his claim “Devarim 15:2


If the borrower returns his loan after the seventh year, the lender cannot take it from him.

Rather he should say to him “I released it” as it says Devarim 15:2 “and this is the manner of the release”

If the borrower says to him “even so, take it from me” then the lender may accept it.

According to the Torah the monetary release only occurs at the time when the Jubilee/Yovil year applies.

The Scribes said that the monetary release occurs in our times for Jews not to forget the law of release.

A Pruzbul is a monetary document used in our times to avoid the cancellation of the loan.


This applies to men and women.

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