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Positive Mitzvah 


Whoever slaughters a pure domestic animal is to give the Kohen the shoulder, cheeks and stomach.


 “This will be due to the priests from the people the foreleg, cheeks and the stomach.” Devarim 18:3 



This is the right foreleg from the shank and down. Two parts attached to each other.



From the joint of the cheek to the top of the wind pipe with the tongue that is between them. They are not plucked or skinned rather given to the Kohen with its skin and wool.



With the fat on it and fat inside. The custom is for the Kohen to leave this fat for the owner.

These are called “Gifts “everywhere.


The Kohen has the right to sell these “Gifts” or feed it to the dogs as they have no holiness whatsoever.

The Kohen is allowed to give them to his Israelite friend whom is in financial difficulty.


In the present time we follow Rubanu  Ilai and do not give these in the Diaspora. Talmud Chullin 136a.

There are certain stringent individuals who see it as correct to still do this positive Mitzvah. 

This applies to men and women.

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