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Positive Mitzvah 


Marry a woman with Kiddushin (Consecration) 


 “When a man acquires a wife and marries her” Devarim 24:1

When he comes to marry a wife he first needs to consecrate her before acquiring her as a wife.

Consecration is done with money, where he gives her his own money, the minimal amount being a small coin or the equivalent.

And says to her “Behold you are consecrated to me with this, according to Moses and Israel” and must be done before suitable witnesses.


Before Kiddushin (marriage ceremony) it is required to do the Erusin (betrothal) blessings.

This is the blessing-

“Who sanctified us through the Mitzvah of forbidden sexual relationships and forbade us those betrothed to us but permitted those married to us through the bridal canopy and Kiddushin.”

It concludes with “He makes holy the Jewish nation through Chuppah/bridal canopy and Kiddushin (consecration)


The sanctified women is called “Arusa” and is forbidden according to the Scribes to have sexual intercourse until after the bridal canopy and the 7 marriage blessings.


Before going to the bridal canopy it is required to write her a marriage contract.

On completion of the bridal canopy she is called “Nesuiah”/ married even if no sexual intercourse has taken place when she is fit for sexual intercourse.

However, if she has her menses even though the bridal ceremony is complete and has been alone with her, the marriage is not finalised and she is like an “Arusa” is all regards.

This applies in all places and all times.


Divorce /Get

We are commanded in our holy Torah that if he wishes to divorce his wife as he found in her something unseemly, he is required to divorce her by divorce document/Get as is the Jewish custom.


As it says in “if she found no favour in his eyes as he found in her some unseemly thing and he writes a bill of divorce” Devarim 24:1

All matters of the bill of divorce should only be done by Rabbis expert and knowledgeable in the writing of divorce documents.

Those unknowledgeable in writing divorce documents even if they have learnt a lot with regards to other areas of Torah should not be involved with this.

In the divorce document there are many basic and important details and who is not expert in writing them will probably come to grief over them.


If a man has a bad wife who- denies the faith of God and His Torah, is not modest in her ways like the daughters of Israel and certainly if she does not go to have ritual immersion. (Mikva)

It is then a Mitzvah to divorce her as it says “Divorce the scorner and contention will go out.” Mishlei 22:10

This applies in all places at all times.

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