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Positive Mitzvah 


Render judgements nullifying promises and oaths


 “When a man makes a promise unto the Lord or swear an oath, he shall not break his word according to all that came out of his mouth he shall do” Bamidbar 30:3


If he made a promise and regrets what has happened, he should go to a knowledgeable wise man or to three ordinary men if no learned man is available and say-

“I made a promise or an oath on such and such and now regret it. If I had known, I would suffer from this thing to such an extent or that this would have happen to me I would not have made the promise or oath”.


The learned man or three ordinary men say to him, “Do you regret this” and he says “Yes”.


They say to him “it is allowed to you” or “it’s forgiven you “or “it permissible to you”


This applies in all places and at all times


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