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Positive Mitzvah 


Give charity to poor Jews

 “You shall surely open your hand unto him and lend to him sufficient for his needs, that which he is lacking” Devarim 15:8


The Sages expounded you shall surely open - even many times. (Baba Mitzia 31a)


Further it says “If your brother becomes poor and his means fail him then you shall uphold him, a convert and settler (one who accepts the 7 laws of Noah) so that he can live with you.”  Vayikra 25:35 “and let your brother live with you” Vayikra 25:36


Its required to give what is suitable for the poor and according to what he is lacking.


If he has no clothing, then give him clothes. In this manner provide all things needed.


If you do not have enough to give, then give what you are able.

Even a poor recipient of charity is obligated to give charity to another.


A poor relative takes precedence over everyone else.

Poor in your household take precedence over poor of the town/city.


Poor people in your town take precedence over poor in another town.

As it says “To your brother, your poor and your needy one in your land.” Devarim 15:11


Whoever sees a poor beggar and looks away and does not give charity transgresses this positive Mitzvah and violates a Prohibition (-62)


This is a very serious transgressions and he is called a scoundrel, sinner and wicked.


We are obligated to observe the Mitzvah of charity more than all the positive Mitzvahs as charity is a sign we are descendants of Abraham.


The Jewish religion is established and knowledge of the truth stands only with charity.


As it says “Zion will be redeemed in judgement and returned with charity “Yishia 1:27


We should check the lineage of all who are merciless, for lack of mercy is found only amongst the non-Jews. “They are cruel and have no compassion” Yirmia 50:42


All Jews are like brothers as it says “You are children of the Lord your God. “Devarim 14:1


If a person has no compassion to his brother who will have compassion on him.

To whom should the poor Jews look for help, the non-Jews hate and persecute them.

They can only look to their brothers.

It’s required to give with a cheerful expression and with happiness.


Nothing bad comes from charity and no one becomes poor from charity

 “the work of charity is peace.” Yishia 32:17


It’s required to uplift the poor with encouraging words and forbidden to rebuke them or raise one’s voice and shout as they are broken hearted.


Woe to anyone who embarrasses a poor person.


One who encourages other to give charity receives a greater reward than the one who gives.


Those who are compassionate will receive compassion.

 As it says “show you mercy and have compassion on you” Devarim 13;18


Redeeming captives is the greatest mitzvah and hiding his eye from this transgresses many positive and negative mitzvahs.


This applies in all place at all times for men and women.   

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