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Positive Mitzvah 


Take up the four species on Sukkot


 “You shall take on the first day an Etrog (citron), Lulav (a palm branch), Haddasim (myrtle) and Aravot (willow).” Vayikra 23;40


One palm branch, one Etrog, three myrtles and two willow branches.

One must pick them up in the direction that they grow and can do so the entire day. 

This obligation is fulfilled by lifting them.

The Sages said we must lift up the Lulav for 7 days except Shabbos (even if the first day is Shabbos) for fear of carrying four steps on Shabbos. (in a public space)

One of the four species if invalid can invalidate the entire bundle.

It is unacceptable to borrow on the first day but satisfactory on the other days.

Stolen four species are always invalid.

According to the words of the Sages a young child who understands is obligated to perform this Mitzvah .


This applies in all places at all times for males but not females.

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