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Positive Mitzvah 


That a sinner turns back from his sin and confess his sin before God.

 “When a man or woman shall commit a sin …… then they shall confess the sin they have done” Bemidbar 5; 6 -7


This means a verbal admission before God.

He is to say from the depths of his heart-

Please God I have sinned accidently, done wrong and wilfully sinned before you.

I did the following (………………………) he details his sins.

I regret my deed and embarrassed by what I have done.   

Never again will I return and do this thing.


The main aspect of repentance is sincere regret in one’s heart regarding the sin and an undertaking to never do it again.


The more one confesses the more praiseworthy it is.


Even death and confession on Yom Kippur do not bring atonement unless done with repentance.


This applies in all places at all time for men and women.  

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