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Positive Mitzvah 


Hear the sound of the Shofar (rams horn) on the new year, 1st Tishrei


 “In the first month on the first day a holy convocation …. a day of Shofar blowing it is to you. “Bamidbar 29:1


The Shofar comes from a ram and is curved, other Shofars are unsuitable.

We are obligated to hear 9 blasts.

Three times Tekiyau, TeRuah, Tekiyau.


We are uncertain as to the TeRuah and therefore we blow three times as follows:


Three times      Tekiyau, Shevarim, TeRuah, Tekiyau.

Three times      Tekiyau, Shevarim, Tekiyau.

Three times      Tekiyau, TeRuah, Tekiyau  

 in order to be free of any doubt.


Tekiyau-  a long blast

Shevarim-three medium blasts

TeRuah -9 short blasts


This applies in all places at all times for men but not women.

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