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Positive Mitzvah 


Rest from work on the first day of Passover

 “On the first day of the Holy Convocation we should desist from all working.” Veyikra 23:7


Work can however be done to prepare food for Jews but not for non-Jews.


As it says “Only what you will eat, you should make for yourself.”  Shmot 12:16


Work that is not required for preparing sustaining food contravenes this commandment and transgresses the negative commandment - “Not to work.” Vayikra 23:7 (-147) 


Burning a fire and carrying things into a public domain is permitted even if not for preparing food.


By the law of the Sages every festival is to be observed for 2 days outside of Israel but one in Israel.


Rosh Hashanah is also observed for 2 days in Israel.


This applies in every place and at all times for both male and female.

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