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Positive Mitzvah 


Be happy on festivals


“You will rejoice in your festivals” Devarim 16:14


When the Temple existed happiness meant bringing an extra sacrificial offering in addition to the normal festival peace offering. The extra offerings were called peace offerings of happiness. Women also had this obligation of happiness


In these times when we don’t have the Temple, happiness is achieved through eating meat and drinking wine.

One is obligated to make his wife happy with pretty clothes, to distribute tasty sweets to the children in the house and to make the poor happy.

If one does not make the poor happy then this is not the happiness of a Mitzvah but happiness of his belly and is a disgrace for him.

As it says “I will spread the dung on his face the dung of your festival” Malachim 2:3


Even though eating and drinking on the festival is part of the positive Mitzvah one should not over indulge with wine, joking and frivolity as this is foolish and silly.

We are commanded only regarding happiness that pertains to the service of God and it’s impossible to serve God with joking, light headedness and when drunk but only amidst happiness of the Mitzvah.

The happiness and gladness man achieves when performing the Mitzvah is a great from of worship.


This applies in all places at all times.


A Mitzvah was introduced by the Rabbis to recite Hallel/Praise on certain occasions.

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