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Positive Mitzvah 


Sanctify the Shabbos day with words


 “Remember the Shabbos day and sanctify it.” Shmos 2;8

The Sages said sanctify it with words.

At the beginning with Kiddush (Sanctification) and at the departure with Havdalah  (Differentiation)

The Scribes said Kiddush should be over wine or on bread.

The Scribes also said to differentiate at the departure on wine or on another distinguished beverage of that country.

It is forbidden to eat anything before Kiddush or Havdalah.


According to the Prophets we are commanded regarding 2 Mitzvot- Delight and Honour.

As it says in Yishia 58;13 “Declare the Shabbos a Delight to sanctify Hashem’s Honour”


Honour is to wash ones face and hands with hot water and to dress in clean clothing.


Delight is enjoyment with eating and drinking.

One is obligated to have three meals on Shabbos.

To add some additional expenditure for Shabbos is praiseworthy.


The Delight of Shabbos brings an inheritance without limit, bestows to him the wishes of one’s heart and is spared from the servitude of government/kings.

It’s also a mitzvah to set one’s table after Shabbat even if only to eat bread the size of an olive to escort the Shabbos queen. 


The Rambam wrote that part of this positive Mitzvah is to remember Shabbat daily.


Remember by the days of the week and say 1 st day Shabbos, 2nd Shabbos, etc.

Also in other matters like when one comes across something good it should be designated for Shabbos and one declares verbally ‘Behold this is for Shabbos!’’


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.  

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