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Positive Mitzvah 


“Before the aged rise up and give honour to the presence of the one who has acquired knowledge” Vayikra 19:32


Aged means someone of very advanced age even if not wise. 70 or more.

One is obligated to stand in their presence but not to his full height only enough to accord him honour. Even a young wise scholar is required to stand.


Regarding one who has acquired Torah wisdom even if young, stand up to your full height before him from when within 4 cubits (approximately 2 metres) and to remain standing until he has left your presence.


Also honour is to be given to ones Rabbi even if you have not learned most of your wisdom from him.


If the Rabbi would be willing to forgo this honour then it may be set aside.


It’s a great wrongdoing to degrade Torah scholars or to hate them.


Whoever disgraces Torah scholars has no portion in the world to come.


This applies in all places at all times for men and women.

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