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Positive Mitzvah 


Every Jew should write for himself a Torah scroll.


“Write for yourself this song” Devarim 31:19

Meaning write a Torah that contains this song.


If a person writes the whole Torah it is as if he received it from Mount Sinai.

If he cannot write it himself, he should buy one or have someone write it for him.

Even if he inherited a Torah he is obligated to write one.

If he corrects one letter it is considered as if he wrote the entire Torah.


Rab Asher of blessed memory wrote that this was for earlier generations who would write a Torah scroll and study from it. 

In our days a Torah scroll is written and then placed in the house of prayer for public readings.

Today the positive commandment is for every Jewish man who has the means to purchase the-

  • Five books of Moses (Chumash)

  • Oral Torah (Mishnayot) and

  • Talmud (Gemorah)

 and their commentaries so that he and his son can study from them.


The Mitzvah of possessing Chumash is to learn it and from the Talmud and its commentaries to have a thorough understanding of the Mitzvoth and laws.

These are the written books that a man is required to possess.


Whoever has the ability to fulfil both possessing books and also writing a Torah scroll has a praiseworthy portion.


This applies in all places and all times for men not women.

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