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Positive Mitzvah 


Say the blessing of grace after meals when eating bread.


 “You shall eat, be satisfied and bless the Lord your God.” Devarim 8: 10


From the Torah there is no obligation to bless except when satiated. 


According to the Scribes even when an olive size of bread is eaten there is an obligation to say the blessing after meals.


Before eating one should say a blessing, deriving this from the lesser to the greater-

when satisfied one blesses how much more so when he is hungry.


This applies in all places at all times for men. 

For women it remains doubtful if they are obligated from the Torah.


2 Mitzvot were introduced by the Rabbis

  1. Ritual washing of hands before eating bread.

  2. Reciting a blessing before partaking in food or other pleasures.

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