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Mitzvot For Our Times

Site content is based on the Hebrew Sefer Mitzvos HaKatzar, the last book written by the Chafetz Chaim, “The concise book of Mitzvoth” compiled by the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Israel Meir Kagin, 1839-1933). This was the last book written by the leader of the generation.


He urges all Jews to know the Commandments that we are able to perform at the present time and when the opportunity arises remember them and carry them out.


There are 613 Commandments  in the Torah.-


· 248 are positive commandments , 77 are applicable in our times.


· 365 negative commandments or prohibitions of which 194 are applicable in our times.


The general advice regarding Mitzvot is do the Positive and refrain from the Prohibitions.


There are many Mitzvot available us to fulfil in the course of our everyday activities. 


The Creator, because of His love for his people multiplied the commandments of His Holy Torah to multiply our reward in this world and the next.


“You shall see it and remember all Gods Commandments and do them”. Bemidbar 15:39 

Remembering brings one to doing.

“Live by them.” 


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