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Mitzvot For Our Times

Site content is based on the Hebrew Sefer Mitzvos HaKatzar, the last book written by the
Chafetz Chaim, “The concise book of Mitzvoth” compiled by the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Israel
Meir Kagin, 1839-1933). This was the last book written by the leader of the generation.

Affix a Mezuzah at the entrance of the home
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Mitzvot by Theme
Mitzvot applicable in our times from the Torah
  1.    Do not eat the Gid haNasheh; the sciatic nerve/sinew

  2.    Chometz (Unleavened bread) shall not be seen in the possession of a Jew all 7
       days of Pesach (8 in the Diaspora)

  3.    Unleavened bread shall not be found in the possession of a Jew

  4.    Do not eat leaven on Pesach.

  5.    Do not eat a mixture of Chometz on Pesach

  6.    Do not work on the Sabbath

  7.    Do not go out on Shabbos beyond the Sabbath limit.

  8.    Do not entertain any thought that there is any god except for the blessed God
       (2nd of 10 Commandments)

  9.    Put Tefillin on the head

  10.    Make Tsitsit (tassels/ fringes/strings) on the corners of your garments

  11.    Verbally recite the “Shma” in the morning and evening

  12.    Affix a Mezuzah at the doorposts of the home

  13. +13. Say the blessing of grace after meals when eating bread.

  14. +14. Learn and teach Torah

  15. +15. Every Jew should write for himself a Torah scroll

  16. +16. Be attached to Torah scholars and their students

  17. +17. Arise before the aged and honor a Torah scholar and arise before him

  18. +18. Have a reverence of the Sanctuary

  19.    Sanctify the Shabbos day with words

  20.    Rest from work on Shabbos




















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